Check out the zines and other lit we’ll have with us on the tour! Many of these can be downloaded and printed to hand out in your community. We’ll be bringing tons of copies with us, but it’s always nice when folks can help us out with more copies for our Tour stops. Enjoy!

Conspiracy Tour Materials

Big Beautiful Conspiracy Tour poster (11×17) | .pdf

Adopt a Defendant flyer | .pdf

From the RNC 8 Defense Committee []

“Defend the RNC 8” flyer | .pdf

“Defend the RNC 8: Community, Solidarity, Resistance” tri-fold | .pdf (small) | .pdf (large)

“Guilt by Association: How the Prosecution of the RNC 8 Threatens Dissent and All Political Organizers” pamphlet | .pdf

From the Scott & Carrie Support Committee (SCSC) []

Support Scott & Carrie double-sided flyer | .pdf (full sheet) | .pdf (quartersheet)

Other Zines and Such

“If An Agent Knocks” by Center for Constitutional Rights | .pdf

“Earth Warriors are OK!: A Resource Guide for Combating the Midwest Green Scare and Other State Repression” by Earth Warriors are OK! (EWOK!) [] | .pdf

“Operation Backfire: A Survival Guide for Environmental and Animal Rights Activists” by the National Lawyers Guild [] | .pdf

“Security Culture: What It Is, Why We Need It and How We Implement It” | .pdf

“COINTELPRO: The Danger We Face” distributed by Unidentified Anarchist Publishing | .pdf

“Grand Jury Investigations, FBI Harassment, and Your Rights: A Compilation of Essays from No Compromise to Help Activists Deal with Government Repression” [] | .pdf

“Know Your Rights Comix #1” by Midnight Special Law Collective [] | .pdf

“Know Your Rights Comix #3” by Midnight Special Law Collective [] | .pdf

“Untitled, or What to Do When Everyone Gets Arrested: A CRASS Course in Providing Arrestee Support” by the Community RNC Arrestee Support Structure (CRASS) [] | .pdf (screen spread small)| .pdf (screen spread large) | .pdf (printer spread)

“What is a Grand Jury” by the Jordan Halliday Support Committee [] | .pdf

“What Should You Do if You are Arrested or Framed by the Cops?” | .pdf

“What to Do if You’re Stopped by the Police” by the American Civil Liberties Union [] | .pdf

“What You Should Know About Grand Juries” by Katya Komisaruk | .pdf

“Writing to Prisoners: Frequently Asked Questions” by Leeds Anarchist Black Cross [] | .pdf


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